Clinic News/Updates

Clinic Update: Nov 25, 2020

The clinic is open and operating according to government mandated safety procedures. For more information about how these procedures may affect you and your pet care please see our COVID information.

CLINIC UPDATE: November 16, 2020

We are experiencing a limited access policy in the clinic over the next few weeks due to COVID-19. Please be advised we will not be offering full Veterinary services during this time, however, we do have curb side pick-up available for food, medication, and other items. We are also available for limited consultation by phone… Read more


Hello everyone 🙂 Just an update that our construction phase is wrapping up, and the clinic is looking great. Unfortunately, clients will not be able to see our updates quite yet! Our COVID-19 protocol still involves our keeping our doors locked even during business hours; we are providing curb-side service for food and medication pickups… Read more


Our veterinary clinic is currently undergoing renovations. As a result, our office is closed and we are unable to accommodate regular pet appointments. We apologize for the inconvenience this will cause on top of the many changes associated with COVID-19. We have a temporary office located behind the clinic and can still assist with pet… Read more

COVID-19 Update

IMPORTANT NOTICE Please DO NOT enter the clinic if you are experiencing any signs of respiratory illness (ie. coughing, fever, shortness of breath) or have interacted with anyone testing positive of the COVID-19 illness within the past 14 days. We are advising clients to call or email with any questions or concerns in order to… Read more


It was recently brought to our attention that the ‘Contact Us’ page on our website is malfunctioning! We sincerely apologize to everyone who has attempted to contact us over the past few months via the website and not received a response. We hope to have this method of communication up and running soon! Please note… Read more