Hello everyone 🙂

Just an update that our construction phase is wrapping up, and the clinic is looking great. Unfortunately, clients will not be able to see our updates quite yet! Our COVID-19 protocol still involves our keeping our doors locked even during business hours; we are providing curb-side service for food and medication pickups and purchases (please call from your vehicle or knock on our front door to notify us of your arrival). Please always remember to email or call ahead for purchases as it allows us more time to get organized, and ensure we have adequate stock! We are also still only allowing pets (and not owners) into the building for appointments; we are not sure how long this will continue at this time. THANK YOU for everyone’s patience and cooperation during these complicated times.

Also, a reminder that Dr. Laura White is only one person! We realize that appointments are booking days and weeks (and months!) in advance sometimes. We apologize that we cannot assist everyone during this time; we always try our best to help pets in need, but we simply cannot keep up with the number of requested appointments at the moment. We realize that it is not ideal to have to travel to Whistler or Squamish for veterinary care and treatment, however please remember we are not doing it to inconvenience anyone.

Thank you to everyone for their kindness and understanding!