Patient Monitoring

Anesthesia is a necessary part of veterinary medicine.  We strive to provide our patients with a high standard of care, particularly during an anesthetic for a surgical or diagnostic procedure.  The anesthetic protocol used is tailored to each individual patient, based on their age and health status.  Blood work is almost always performed prior to an anesthetic, to assess your pets overall health and organ function.  This information helps us provide the safest possible anesthetic protocol for your pet.

While your pet is anesthetized, we monitor heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, end tidal carbon dioxide and body temperature.  Intravenous fluids and medications are administered accurately with the use of an intravenous pump.  Patients are placed on a veterinary specific patient warming blanket to maintain normal body temperature for the duration of the anesthetic.  Careful monitoring continues into the recovery period, to ensure your pet is safe and comfortable.